I suppose it’s high time I finally talked about this: I got let go from my job back in November.

The web design firm I was working at was kind of in turmoil because one of the founding partners decided to leave after my project manager and I complained about him being difficult, combative, and unprofessional. We were almost ready to walk then but my boss managed to smooth things over, all while said partner was packing up his office behind his back. It would be one thing to lose such a crucial employee so integral to the company, but he also crippled us by taking all the log-ins and credentials he had saved, making us negotiate them back like a hostage situation.

Meanwhile my team and I were just trying to scrape by and keep things moving along. I was exhausted but still allowed to go on my vacation I had arranged months ahead of time. I hadn’t been home to Chicago in two years and decided to go for Thanksgiving. While April and I were bumming around the city, I get texts from my project manager saying she’d had enough and was within a hair’s breath of quitting. I called my boss and asked him if we could arrange a meeting Monday morning after I got back to figure things out, and he agreed.

The meeting never took place. Sunday morning (after we’d come back to Portland) I get a call from my project manager saying she and our IT officer couldn’t access their work email. I checked my personal email to see that we had all been unceremoniously fired the day before we were supposed to come back from our vacation. By that point I was too burned out myself to care, so I dropped by the office later than evening, collected my things, left my keys, and hopped back on the train, ready to move on with the rest of my life.

I only recently felt comfortable talking about it for two reasons:

  1. My unemployment finally got confirmed and I can comfortably pay my bills for now. It was held up for a while because my boss tried to contest it. Fortunately he didn’t have the oversight to hire an HR person so employee performances (good and bad) weren’t recorded.
  2. The easy answer in this situation would be getting back to comics, yes? And you’d be right. The tricky part is I had gotten so burned in 2015 I didn’t know if I could continue drawing comics anymore. 2016 was all about me getting my game back. Now that I have it somewhat, what’s the next step? The next big push to doing what I want to do?

I think I may finally have an answer, but nothing is assured right now. I have my unemployment checks and am drumming up freelance work, but that can only go so far. All I know is I’m tired of submitting my will to people who will leave me out in the cold just because I’m desperate to get by.

I turn 32 in two weeks. That’s not old, but I’m definitely getting too old for this shit.