So here’s the deal; I didn’t expect to take such a long hiatus between comics.

First I had a lot of stuff go down at my job that I had to deal with. Then the election happened (for Americans I don’t have to elaborate on that) and I literally didn’t know what to say or how to react. For once in my life, I was speechless. Then even more stuff went down at my job. I basically spent all of Christmas working it all out and figuring out what I was going to do next.

But for now, that only affects one thing: “No One Cares” will be updating regularly again, with a schedule of one new comic every week on Tuesday. “Horrible Night” will begin updating again next week as well with a new one every Monday. Meantime, I have a bunch of new stuff I’ll be launching this month and will be announcing it on my social media channels.

End of the day, I want to create more again. So I intend to.